Wimberley Valley Winery

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This part of Texas is know for its wineries and we couldn’t visit the area without checking out at least one but with social distancing in place we decided to get wine to go. We ordered online and picked up a bottle of the Syrah and the Blackberry wine at Wimberley Valley Winery to enjoy at the cabin.

An old car near the parking lot.

With masks on we decided to explore just a little bit. If you want to actually visit for a wine tasting this is a good vineyard to choose. They have a large outdoor patio and setting out on the grounds. Perfect for enjoying Texas wine outside.

I wonder what the story is behind how this bus ended up at the winery.

The wine was excellent. We enjoyed the Syrah with a grilled rib-eye at the cabin. It was a wonderful deep red with a rich flavor but not too heavy on the tannins. The Blackberry wine we enjoy on the patio at home. It was a heavier wine, rich and robust with a hint of sweetness and was a deep purple-red.

A wonderfully winery that I would love to go back to experience fully – so many wines left to try. Mostly a selections of white wines and blushes, perfect for the heat of summer.

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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