Texas Tid-Bit


While looking through photos and journal entries wondering what I had that I could talk about while traveling is closed I came across these photos. On one of our many trips to and from Kansas we stopped at Collingsworth Pioneer Park. It sits about 40 minutes north of Childress, TX along highway 83.

The best things about this part and the area is it’s history. Bonnie and Clyde were in a wreck here in 1933 and then shot the people that tried to help them to not get caught by the police. There was also, an old trestle bridge that has since been replaced with a modern bridge but the likeness of the old bridge can still be see in the county seal.

An art piece to the Comanches that once hunted bison along the Salt Fork of the Red River.

Little pieces of history are everywhere. It is fun to stumble across them. Do you have a favorite spot? Hope you are doing well! Safe travels!


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