Canon vs iPhone Photos


If you have ever stopped by my About the Photography page or seen my Canon Camera Review post you know that a lot of the pictures on the blog are taken with either a Canon or an iPhone. I wanted to compare similar photos that were taken from each device to give an idea of what is possible with both. The iPhone photos were all edited with Snapseed and the Canon photos were edited with Lightroom and taken with a 24mm-105mm lens.

Keltin and I were about the same distance from Bear when the photos were taken on our recent hike. The close up is the one from the Canon and I love the way the aperture blurs the back ground and the details that can be see in the hairs on his face and the light in his eyes.

The top photo is the Canon photos and it just seems less forced than the bottom image where I tried to get the same effect with the iPhone. I’m not trying to say that iPhones take bad photos, they don’t, but there is something to be said about the level of quality that a little bit better camera gives you.

As with Bear’s photo, Keltin and I were about the same distance from this tree. I do love the bottom photo because of the colors but the precision work of the first photo was done with the Canon.

What type of camera do you use? What do you think of my comparison? Have a great weekend!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!


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