Kansas: Historic Adobe Museum


Keltin and I took an afternoon to explore and our first stop was the Historic Adobe Museum in Ulysses, Kansas. This is a cute little museum that explores the history of the Grant County and the Santa Fe Trail. There are lots of arrow heads and barbed wire of the region.

Fun fact where the city is now was not the original location of Ulysses, that is a couple miles away. I can’t remember the full story but at one time when the town was much smaller the town fell on hard times and had serious tax debt, so they moved to escape it.

The museum is free to enter and there is also the Hotel Edwards and an old school house on the museum grounds that visitors are welcome to explore.

What I did not expect to see in a small Kansas museum is a replica of the same Pegasus that Dallas is known for. When the company that it stood for changed hands and names the glowing red winged horse was moved to the museum, where its light still shines.

We learned a lot in this visit – especially about the Santa Fe Trail and Wagon Bed Spring but more about that later. If you have a few minutes and you are driving through Ulysses, Kansas, stop in and enjoy the local history.

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!


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  1. Oh man, I LOVE A free museum. I will even donate if I love it. When the kids were tiny and we were broke with only gas money to get around, I would pack a lunch and go once a week to one of the Free Detroit museums – they are all around us. We really saw everything.

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