Colorado: Exploring Telluride


Keltin and I decided after our hike to Alberta Peak that we were not in the right type of shape to hike a longer trailer at Colorado’s altitude so we decided instead to visit a city that had been calling our name since we arrived: Telluride. We were not expecting the city to be as busy as it was but soon discovered the reason was the Imogene Pass Run. It is a 17.1 mile race from Ouray to Telluride.

After finally finding a place to park we wondered around the main street for a while deciding on a place to eat and checking out all the little shops.

As always, I found an Irish Pub.

We ended up at the Brown Dog Pizza for lunch but more on that Friday. After lunch we decided to explore the Bear Creek Preserve, more on the hike to come.

After our hike we ended our time in Telluride on the rooftop bar of the Last Dollar Saloon. The rooftop is cash only but the view is worth it. I enjoyed a refreshing Montucky Cold Snack. Definitely one of the odder beers I’ve had but it was quite refreshing as the day was growing warm.

We really enjoyed Telluride even if it is a bit more commercial than some of the other cities that we visited while in Colorado. The surrounding national forest is beautiful and that alone makes the city worth a visit. Happy travels!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photo!


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