Belize: Salt Water Fishing for a Grand Slam


On our last full day in Belize – after two full days of diving – we went sport fishing in the shallow crystal blue waters off of Ambergris Caye. I’m not a big fisherman but both Brooke and Emily are and they had hopes of catching a Grand Slambonefishtarpon and permit all caught on the fly in a single day. This is all catch and release fishing.

This type of salt water fishing is done through sight casting, You have to actually see the fish or their movement in the water before casting and you want a nice sunny day. The only drawback is the potential for a serious sunburn under the tropical sun with light reflecting up off the water. I realized that potential.

A Grad Slam was not to be had but we did catch some nice fish and they were a beast to get in the boat.

I caught a jack – not one of the Grand Slam but a good flight to get into the boat.
Emily and her 60 lb Tarpon
Brooke caught this permit on the literal last cast of the day – she was rather excited.

Overall a fun but exhausting day and I got super sun-burnt. We went fishing with Go Fish Belize and our guides were awesome. Safe travels!



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