A Sailboat, Surfing, and Sass

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On the same beach trip where we took the wonderful photos of an energetic Bear there was a sailboat beached well… on the beach. Name: Black Pearl, or I think it was anyway. Said boat made for some great shots. All of these were taken with our 70-200mm lens.

My sister met up with us for the day and this next photo was her idea.

Next time [Keltin] points the camera at us, strike the sassiest pose you can.”

The wind was really blowing this day and there were actually people wind surfing. Its the first time I’ve seen people wind surf at all, much less at a Texas beach.

We didn’t stay out more that a couple of hours, just long enough to get a sun burn despite wearing 50 spf sunscreen, but it was a fun day and we all went home ready for a nap.

I am headed out of the country for the rest of this week, so if I’m slow to respond please forgive me but I’ll be back soon with a variety of new adventures and reviews!

Thank you KW Photography for the use of your photos.