Happy Birthday Bear


Bear is a rescue dog that I adopted at 12 weeks. I really did mean to get a little bit older dog – 1 or 2 years old – but he was a little puppy curled up into a little yellow ball in the last kennel. I had to take him home.

Bear the first week I had him – he still smiles!

I count his birthday as July 1st. He is a bit more vocal now than he was as a puppy but he still has plenty of energy and loves to run and swim…and swim. I swear he is part fish.

We needed to celebrate! A Pupcake for Bear and cookies for us.
A local shop sells wonderful pupcakes and cookies and pies.
He wouldn’t look at me…only at the cookie.
The cookie didn’t last very long. Apparently it was good.

My dog maybe a bit spoiled but at least he know that he is loved. Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday?



5 comments on “Happy Birthday Bear”

  1. I don’t have a dog at the moment, but we always celebrated my golden retriever girl’s birthday with treats, a toy, or a fun activity. She developed health problems in later life and couldn’t have many treats because of pancreatitis, but we always found something fun to do. I hope Bear enjoyed his day!

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