Texas: Alstadt Brewery

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The second brewery we visited in Fredericksburg was the Alstadt Brewery. It sits outside of town on highway 290, and it looks like a mansion. This place is huge. It has the brewery, bar, restaurant, and who knows what else all in one. Keltin and I didn’t try all of their brews on location. We were tired and just wanted one and dinner but luckily over the course of the weekend we had had the importunity to sample a couple.

The first night we were in town I had the Alstadt Lager at the Alamo Springs Cafe. It is a German style beer that goes great with a burger. This brewery follows the German purity laws of 1516 when they brew. I do like beers that take risks but I’d defiantly buy this Lager at a store. It goes down smooth and isn’t too hoppy. At Auslander Beirgarten Restaurant on Main Street I had the Alstadt Alt. This was an amber colored beer with rich flavor. I preferred the Alt over the Lager but only because I really like darker beer.

At the brewery itself we tried a couple of the beers that you can only get there but we both forgot to actually write down what we were drinking. It had been a long day.

Beers at the brewery.

We ate dinner at the brewery. The food was good but nothing that I’d go back for and after a busy holiday weekend they had run out of quite a bit. The room we ate in though reminded me of the Great Hall at Hogwarts. Four long tables running length wise down a large room with floor to ceiling windows on each side. Where the staff table would be was a stage with a live cover band playing – they were a bit loud – but the music was fun and they played songs that you could sing along too.

We were having some fun taking pictures on the patio after dinner.

All in all the beer is excellent and I’d go back to sample some additional brews and to tour the brewery itself. Happy Friday!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your photo.