Paperback Perils: Princeps’ Fury

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Title: Princeps’ Fury
Author: Jim Butcher
Publication Date: 2008
Publishing House: Ace Books

So I’m not sure why but I have seriously been binging the audiobooks lately. This book has 14 parts and is probably around 20 hours and I finished it in less than a week. I don’t even remember the last time I listened to the radio on the way to work.

Princeps’ Fury is set about a year after the events of Captain’s Fury. Tavi, now Princeps Gaius Octavian and his legion escort the Canim back to their homeland in a truce but things aren’t going well in the Canim homeland. The Vord has ravished it, leaving a few fighting fiercely but dying quickly. To survive Canim and Aleran’s must work together.

If the last portion of the story was about finding a common ground and making a truce then this book is centered on learning not only to fight beside those that were once enemies but learning to trust those that you once counted enemies. This book also shows the reader more of the Canim. Past books have delved into the warriors but here the reader gets to see their non-combatants, their homes, their ingenuity along with some of the animals of their homeland.

Recommended for fans of the Codex Alera series, fans of Jim Butcher, those who like fantasy and quick thinking characters and world building.

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