BLOGMAS 2018: Favorite Christmas Songs


I personally give Christmas music a bad name the majority of the year but I actually do like some songs and during the season I enjoy it. I just feel that each holiday deserves to be celebrated it is own time. Here are various versions of my favorite Christmas songs in no particular order. 

Snoopy’s Christmas – The Royal Guardsmen 

My Nana had this song on a cassette tape when I was little and I loved but the cassette tape in question was lost years ago. I couldn’t find the song for years because I remembered so little of it. Keltin helped me find it this holiday season.  

Carol of the Bells – Various Artists

This song has always fascinated me. I just love the instrumental version with no vocals. It is enthralling. 

Little Drummer Boy – Various Artists

I always loved the claymation movies as a kid. I didn’t watch the Little Drummer Boy every Christmas but this song is always just one that I have enjoyed. 

You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch – Various Artists

This song is just fun. The Grinch Christmas book and movie are just fun to read and watch. There are lots of fun versions of this song. I really enjoy the Lindsay Stirling version from her Christmas album but the above video is a more traditional version. 

What are your favorite Christmas or winter holiday songs? Have a great weekend!

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