New Mexico: Petroglyph National Monument

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After our Hot Air Balloon ride Keltin and I knew that if we went back to where we were staying to take a nap that we would not do anything else that day. Despite weariness we had lunch and then headed to see the petroglyphs.

This National Monument is interesting because you go to the visitor center and gift shop and from there the park rangers can suggests which of the three petroglyph areas might be best for you to visit. We decided to visit the Boca Negra Canyon and we took the Mesa Point Trail and the Macaw Trail.

Rock-et man
One of the many petroglyphs

We chose Boca Negra for a couple of reasons: it is only a couple of miles from the visitor center and it had the shortest trails. Despite our love of hiking neither of us was up for a long one. The park ranger we spoke to was actually surprised that we were still awake.

Upon arriving at Boca Negra Canyon the parking fee is $1 per vehicle on weekdays and $2 on the weekends. There are restrooms and picnic tables. There is parking between the trail heads but they are close enough together that you can park at one trail head and walk to the other. No pets are allowed at Boca Negra but there are trails that allow dogs, I just can’t remember which but the rangers can tell you. The Mesa Point Trail is steep and the footing can be kind of slick because the trail is mostly rock but the petroglyphs are amazing.

View from the top of Mesa Point Trail

If you do visit Petroglyph National Monument please make sure not to touch the delicate rock carvings. The oils from our hand wear them down faster. These petroglyphs were made anywhere from A.D. 1300 to 1600 and we hope that they last for generations to come.

I’m sorry there is no video this week, once I finish editing it I will update the post and let you all know. Have a great Wednesday and safe travels!

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