Paperback Perils: Book Haul


A good friend of mine was in town recently and unlike normal people we didn’t go get dinner or drinks to sit and catch up on the events of life. No, we wandered around the nearest used bookstore, in this case Half Priced Books. Where despite a vain attempt at first I bough more books. Although I did you the opportunity to buy books as a baby shower gift while I was there.

I know books aren’t the most practical gift for a new born but they will read eventually. Besides, I’m a believer that all homes need books, and especially kids. Anyway, onto my finds.

The Nix

By: Nathan Hillimg_2863

Keltin, my boyfriend, actually read this book earlier this year. Although he got his copy from a library. Side note: make sure to support your local library, they are wonderful places. Anyway, while talking to our visiting friend, Mattie, in the fiction section he asked me something along the lines of “do you really need more books after having just bought some.”  So in a moment of pure chance and sass I saw this book, that he has been after me to read anyway, and added it to my stack with a bit of flair and a note of finality. Laughter ensued because well there was sarcasm with a book and we are all ridiculous.

Anyway, I will get to it eventually. My to read pile has gotten a bit out of hand but of well. Books don’t count as hording; they just make a better library.

The Darkest Part of the Forest

By: Holly Blackimg_2861

Mattie is a librarian in Amarillo and has wonderful taste in books. She actually suggested adding this book to my stack and I’ll take a friend’s advice on a good book. This one is a nice bit of fantasy that I’m excited to read. Always trust the librarian when it comes to book suggestions.

The Sleeper and the Spindle

By: Neil Gaiman

Illustrated by Chris Riddellimg_2864

This short story is actually in Trigger Warning, typically I don’t buy second copies of books. I don’t have the room for them. This book, however, is so wonderfully illustrated that I couldn’t pass it up. I mean, just look at these illustrations:

BONUS: The Song of Achilles

By: Madeline Millerimg_2860

I didn’t get this book at Half Priced. Ketlin was sweet and picked it up for me when getting a new bullet journal. After having read Circe I cannot wait to dive into this book. I think it will actually be next on my list to read instead of just somewhere in the pile.

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