Weekend Wanderings: Trying To Be More Eco Friendly


We have all heard how much plastic is out in the world polluting the oceans, killing wildlife and making the world an ugly place. Recycling is a good start to helping reduce waste but I wanted to do something more in my daily life. A while ago I had switched to using bar soap instead of body wash in a bottle and over time that progressed into using an activated charcoal bar as face wash  but I wanted to do more.

Recently I made the move to shampoo and conditioner bars. I will saw up front that currently shampoo bars are not cheap. However, I feel that the money is worth not buying the plastic. Here are some good things about them:

  • They smell great and most brands have different types for different types of hair
  • They are small and take up much less room in the shower.
  • You can travel with them because they are not liquid.
  • The ones I bought are supposed to last about 80 washes (I’ll update you mid-October)
  • The shampoo bar lathers very well.

I bought mine from Lush Cosmetics. You can see the shampoo bar here and conditioner bar here. I looked them up on amazon also and here are some of those: shampoo and conditioner.

Something else that I do to reduce my plastic use is to bring my reusable bags with me to the grocery store. I have a set for both my boyfriend and me to keep in our vehicles. If you shop at Target they will give you a small discount if you bring and use reusable bags rather than using plastic ones. Speaking of little discounts Starbucks will also give you a small discount if you bring in and use your own cup rather than using a disposable one. These discounts aren’t much but they they add up over time.

What do you do to reduce your plastic use?

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4 comments on “Weekend Wanderings: Trying To Be More Eco Friendly”

  1. It’s so weird to read that you switched into using soap bars. We in India use soap bars since forever for body wash. Unfortunately for hair, I have prescribed shampoo and conditioner so can’t change that.

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    1. Things can be odd here. The soap wasn’t a big change I’d used them on and off since I was little. The face bar was the big change before the shampoo bar.

      And there are other ways to be eco friendly. I try not to use plastic silverware or straws.


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