China: Shanghai Museum and Acrobat Show: March 2016


Hey all hope that your week is going well and that you enjoyed Monday’s book review. Back to Shanghai today.

After lunch and the embroidery shop we headed to the Shanghai Museum.  When the bus pulled up there was this little old lady sitting on the concrete edge of a raised bed. You could tell she knew where the buses dropped the tourists off. She was selling goofy panda hats and as we began to get off the bus put one on. Then she waited as we unloaded off the bus and promptly made a small fortune from everyone in our group that bought a panda hat for their grand kids at home. 


The museum itself had these statues out front of mythical creatures. I have no idea what they were are called or the lore behind them but I loved them anyway. Mythic creatures have always grabbed my attention. The museum is four stories and I didn’t get a good enough look at most of it. Some of my favorite things were the stamp seals. Blocks of rock: jade and marble with names and images carved into the bottom and sides. There are a lot of pottery pieces, many painted with glazed enamel. Cultural artifacts sitting behind protective glass.img_7585



That night we went to an acrobatic show, I wish I was that flexible. The acrobats are fabulous athletes and the show was fantastic.  


I had a cool video of the performances but unfortunately the files became corrupted. The pictures don’t do the acrobats justice but I hope you enjoy them.

Have a great rest of your week and don’t forget to hop over to my YouTube channel.

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