Paperback Perils: A Gathering of Shadows


Title: A Gathering of Shadows

Author: V. E. Schwab

Publication Date: 2016

Publishing House: Macmillian Publishers

Happy Monday all, I finally finished the second book in the Shades of Magic series. My apologies in the delay on this review, life has a habit of getting in the way of my reading but never fear my review is here!.Oh gosh, why am I so corny lately? I hope that you get a laugh out of my goofiness at least. Any way, back to the book.

In the timeline of the series Gathering is set four months after A Darker Shade of Magic. In that time Kell and Lila have not seen each other. Kell has been trapped in Red London, blamed by the king and queen for the disastrous events that occured at the end of Darker Shade despite the fact that he was only partly responsibly and the fact that he took action to stop and reverse as much of the damage as possible.

Lila Bard finds herself aboard the Night Spire, a privateering vessel whose captain has a complicated past. Aboard the dark vessel she immerses herself learning the language and magic side by side along with the rules that govern the sea and those that sail the dangerous waters.

Back in Red London, Princes Rhy prepares the capital of the Arnes empire for the Element Games. A competition between Arnes and their two most powerful neighbors: Vesk and Faro. In the games the most powerful magicians from each country compete. A world away life stirs in White London and the dying world begins to change – an unknown danger to Red London.

Schwab does well with this book but it is slower than Shades. The first part of this book is the lasting effects and changes after the Black Night: Kell’s restlessness, Rhy’s moodiness, Lila’s growth. The action builds slowly, gaining momentum as events progress. This book leaves you needing to read the final installment. How does the disastrous effects of a rash decision made in anger play out? Does a feeble hope stand against all the darkness before it? Will anyone survive as an unlikely hero races to save them? I really need to go buy A Conjuring of Light.

In Gathering Schwab introduces the reader not just to the people of Arnes but to those of the other countries. The people of Vesk are built like mountains while those from Faro embed precious jewels and metals into their skin. The author contrasts two Gray Londoners: one hungers for magic for the sake of power while the other desires it to be real because of the wonder.

If you get the chance check out this series. What I have read so far is wonderfully written. I will get around to reading the third and final book soon but I do have a couple of others on my to read list before then. Check back in next week for my May Reading List. Hopefully A Conjuring of Light will be on my June reading list. Have a great rest of your week and happy reading! 

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