Weekend Wanderings: Trains and Photography


A few weeks ago my boyfriend and a friend of ours hung out. The guys wanted to shoot some train photography. If you want to check out their photos click here and here to see their Instagram accounts. My boyfriend and I have a Canon Rebel T6 and most of the time I’m content to let him take pictures but on occasion I like to try my hand.

I have never taken a photography class and what I know about photography I’ve learned from Keltin. That being said, I would like to take a class at some point but right now it’s not possible for a variety of reasons. Anyway when I do take pictures with the intention of being creative I hope they come out well.

You might be thinking: but there are a ton of pictures on your blog. Yes, there are but most of those were taken when I was trying to capture the moment so that I could relive it later. I wasn’t trying to be creative with my shot. I’ve posted both the original and the edited version. Anyway, I’d love to know what you guys think and any suggestions that you may have. 

The pictures were taken in Frisco, TX and don’t worry the train is not going to run over me. Its a museum piece that is sitting on a piece of track just long than the engine and one train car.

Original: img_1443

Edited:snapseed-3These pictures were fun to take but it was uncomfortable to lay on the rail road ties. Edited in Snapseed.

Original: img_1446

Edited:snapseed-1This light hangs near Babe’s Chicken in Friso, TX. If you get the chance to eat there – go. Edited in Snapseed.

Original: img_1445


Disk Plow.jpgI took this photo but I couldn’t quite get it right so Keltin edited it in Lightroom for me. **The featured image is the version I edited in Snapseed.

I hope that you all enjoy these before and after photos. Again please let know that I’m open to any advice. Have a great weekend!

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