Weekend Wanderings: Farmers Market and Good Coffee


It is another cold Saturday here in north Texas. Not as bad as last weekend but the wind is driving me crazy. But that doesn’t stop us from heading to the a farmers market. Today we went to the Coppell Farmers Market with Bear in tow. He has to stop, smell everything, and greet all of the other dogs we meet.

One of our purchases was coffee beans from River Bird Coffee out of Lewisville, Texas. Keltin loves coffee and the beans he chose were from Ethiopia. The coffee made from them is dang good but I’m jumping the gun here. We bought whole beans and didn’t have a grinder. Now Keltin is a bit eclectic and decided that he wanted a hand grinder for his coffee. Okay, well now we have to find one. World Market came through for us.

Here is the thing, if you are going to spend the money on good coffee and take the time to hand grind it then it deserves to be brewed in a better way than just a regular old coffee pot. I found a pour over pot on sale with a reusable filter. Who doesn’t love finding things on sale and being a little bit more eco-friendly?

The hand grinder is a little bit of a pain but there is something to taking the time to grind the beans by hand. It makes you really appreciate the end product. From across the apartment I could smell coffee when Keltin first started grinding the beans. I’m personally not a big coffee drinker but the smell is wonderful. The pour over brewing process doesn’t take long but you do need a bit of patience.

Typically when I drink coffee I really am drinking coffee with my milk and honey. This coffee doesn’t need anything added to it. I don’t know if it is the process or the beans or a combination of both but it would be a crime to add anything to this coffee. It’s not bitter and it goes down smooth. Needless to be said there’s something to be said for doing things the long way. The end result is much more satisfying. If you get the chance try some pour over coffee and splurge for the good stuff. The flavor is worth the cost.img_1387

I hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend. Happy Saturday, and if you enjoy my blog please consider buying me a cup of coffee.

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  1. Good stuff Laci! Let Keltin know that there’s a discussion waiting for him about that jersey!! LOL Coffee and grinder look fantastic!

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