Weekend Wanderings: Succulent Adventures: Part I: Seeding


I love gardens and succulents. In the spring, summer and into the late fall, I keep an herb garden on my patio. I had a succulent but it was in college and I’m sad to say that I might have neglected the poor thing. I’ll blame finals and stress for its demise. Despite this, I managed to get my hands on some succulent seeds and after doing research (this site was helpful and I spoke to the people at the local Calloways)  and getting the needed supplies I’m ready to seed them.

Succulent seeds need well draining soil and a humid environment for them to sprout. What is the best way to create a humid environment? Cover it with a shower cap. I’ll keep the seeds covered until they germinate. At that time I’ll uncover them and post the seedlings.img_1048img_1049img_1050

This will be a fairly long project but stick with me and we will see hows these beauties grow!

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