Poetry: Rediscovery


I wrote this poem last summer. I do not remember the context but I felt that it was a good follow up to last weeks fiction post.

Childhood is a time of magic and possibilities.

Adults know all and there is an adventure waiting just around the corner.

Days full of wonder and delight.


But everyone grows up, except for Peter Pan and his is a lonely tale.

We forget what it is to imagine unlimited possibilities

And our dreams tend to have more to do with where we want to be in our jobs.

Some forget how to dream at all.


As a whole, adults become disenchanted

And lose the ability to wonder at the world outside the front door.

Living day-to-day; work, bills, responsibilities

These in general blind us. These things are required to live

But they do not make us truly happy, maybe not even content.  


How do we regain, at least in part, that sense of wonder with the world?

No two people will find joy in the same things

But for me I find it in the little things.  

Sunsets and bright flowers, and the fact that my Bear eats them

Dark, cool nights with the stars bright over head

And watching the full moon rise – flowing from pale gold to silver-white.  


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  1. Very good capture of a dilemma that our 3 kids are in currently. They’ve watched their Dad work hard to provide and be stressed due to the inevitable pressures this materialistic world brings upon us and are undecided on how to move forward in careers, college, and future direction. I’m really beginning to think a minimalist lifestyle that allows you to chase your dreams is the way to go.

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