A Very Blogmas Christmas: Giving


Last week I talked about gifts because at this time of year we all want to make sure that we are giving people the right things and that they are getting the right stuff to give us. I think though that this is also the time of year to stop and think about others.

I will admit that I don’t give enough but I do try and do a little here and there. When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, I did donate toiletries to a relief shelter and when asked at Barnes and Noble if I would like to donate a book to kids, I do so. The one thing that do donate consistently is blood. I started donating in high school at 18, donated through college and even as recently as last week. But I don’t do enough, I don’t know if any of us do.

Anyway, what I am asking is that this holiday season and in the next year I hope that all of us can find something that we feel is worth out time, energy, and money to donate to and help with. From donating blood, to donating to animal and wildlife conservation, helping with natural disaster relief, or just donating to the local food pantry.

I want to believe a couple of things:

  1. that every little bit counts, even if we think it won’t
  2. that together all those little bits can come together to create change

What we do may not change the world as a whole but the little bit that we give may change the world for someone. There are no links to donation sites in this post because I want you to decide where to lay your helping hand but this is a call to action.  I hope it does not fall of deaf ears. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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