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                 Travel Tales are the memories of trips I have taken. Some vacations from here in the states and others from adventures that I have taken to other countries. These writings are events as I remember them and the impressions that the memory left on me. I hope to share the beauty and wonder, silliness and understanding that I gained when experiencing these events. I will be honest in everything and if I tell embarrassing things that I have done, well I do not mind laughing at myself.

                These memories will not be published in any semblance of chronological order. This is for a couple of reasons:

1. Many of my younger memories I honestly have no idea which happened first.

2. The experiences of my travels don’t come to my mind in the order in which they happened.

For organizational sake I will try to make sure that stores can be separated by trips. I will post weekly. If you have any questions please comment. Enjoy!


**Featured Image by Laci McGee: August 2017

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  1. What an amazing account with the Manta-Ray! I could just imagine sitting there next to you underwater, watching them dance.


  2. I would definitely do the night dive, that is amazing… who says black people don’t get in the water??? only in horror films,,, but I would do this night dive thing… yes indeed.

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