California: Napa | Day 2

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Our second day in Napa was a bit easier on us. Day one we had gotten up early and driven from San Francisco. The second day allow us time for a real breakfast. Our driver from Simply Driven picked us up from the hotel and we were off to drink the stars.

Mumm Napa

Mumm Napa was our first vineyard on the second day and overall it was my second favorite. The sparkling wine was absolutely delicious and the patio had a fantastic view of the surrounding grapevines and mountains. We were also greeted here with a welcome wine. Our tasting then consisted of four of their sparkling wines.

In all honesty, I could have sat here and sipped on bubbles for a while. Mumm was a wonderful start our final day in Napa.

I am tasting the stars!

-Dom Pérignon

Davies Vineyards

So for what ever reason I didn’t take any pictures at Davies. The location wasn’t my favorite as it was a tasting room and not a vineyard but again we were limited by our preferences for sparkling wine. The courtyard where we did our tasting was nice and cool with a fountain to add a bit of ambiance.

The sommelier who served us was super knowledgeable about the wines and even walked us through a -brief- overview of the process of making sparkling wines.

Before heading to our final tasting we actually made a couple of stops. The first was for a late lunch at Gary’s Wine & Marketplace. Gary’s isn’t fancy but it is tasty and if you wanted a chance to browse all the local wines, this would be the place. They also have delicious chocolate truffles. Our second stop was to the Napa sign because a good sign picture is always needed. I also want to give a shoutout to a local vintage clothing shop called Les Muses where I found the outfits I wore to Napa.

JCB Tasting Salon

The JCB visit was also to a tasting salon. Here I decided to change it up a bit. The others had sparkling wine but I sampled the reds. They were delicious. Fun fact, the glass in the picture below retails for $500. These are not the inexpensive bulk purchased glasses of most of the vineyards. They also can hold an entire bottle of wine. Needless to say I was very carefully during this tasting.

Day two in Napa was a success. We had a wonderful time at some beautiful locations and sampled plenty of sparkling and red wine. Are there vineyards near you? Have you ever done a tasting? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments! Also, please remember to drink responsibility and safe travels.

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