Texas Renaissance Festival


A couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to visit the Texas Renaissance Festival down near Houston. I love Ren Fests, I think they are a ton of fun, they typically have good food and great entertainment along with some pretty decent mead. We visited on Pirate Weekend and there were a ton of fantastic pirate cosplays. I did not dress as a pirate but I did go in costume. I like to add bit and pieces to my costume as time goes on. This time I add a parasol so I can carry my own shade.

We did not really watch any shows this visit but I did listen to a bagpipes & drum group and a harpist play. I tend to get distracted by music and tend to follow my ears to see where the music is coming from. The shows are always fun to watch, especially the ones with fire or animals. Some shows have cats and dogs and many of those come from shelters. We met a very sweet pup named Hazel that was about to star in her first show!

Faire and festivals can be expensive, here are a few things that might help:

  • Buy your tickets beforehand. Tickets are often more expensive at the gate and sometimes grocery stores sell discounted tickets.
  • Get cash before you go. Faires have ATMs but you are going to pay a fee.
  • If you are drinking, buy the bottle and share with the rest of your park. It is much less expensive in the long run.
  • Faire food comes in large portions, buy together and share.

I ate chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick. I’d like to say that I was able to finish this but I was not, even with my group sharing it. It was tasty though.

Ren fests in general are a ton of fun and they give people a chance to dress up and enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere. There are a ton of these festivals all over the U.S. You can find the one near you here: The Ren List. Have you ever been to a renaissance festival? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments! Remember to leave no trace and safe travels!

Interested in other Texas Renaissance Festivals? Check out my video on Scarborough Renaissance Festival!

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5 comments on “Texas Renaissance Festival”

  1. I’ve heard of such events, and know of some near me. I’ve just never had the guts to attend one. Since they’re during summer, at least around here, I’ll have to wait till next year. Great post!

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      1. Always flair at the fair and I’d be a square…but it is a bucket list event. So, yes, I’ll go….eventually! Right now, museums will have to keep me content.

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