Ireland: A Pick-Me-Up on the Trail

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The trail along the Cliffs of Moher was windy and wet and we were a bit chilly. However, this enterprising person had converted a two-horse trailed into a tiny coffee shop. It was wonderful. We had water with us but a cup of hot coco and a cup of tea with a bit of milk did wonders to help with the chill.

This was actually not the first tiny coffee shop that we had come across but it was the first that we had stopped at. The others we had passed at inconvenient times and then when we did want a hot drink there were none to be found. In addition to coco, tea, and coffee this little shop had brownies, cookies along with local made jams and dried teas. This lady knows how to work the tourists but that’s okay because it was totally worth it.

If you are in Ireland or anywhere else that the weather is a bit cold and damp (looking at you Pacific Northwest), I suggest stoping in at a small local place. Slow down for a minute and just enjoy a hot cup of tea and the cool air. Leave no trace and safe travels.

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