Northern Ireland: Lunch in Derry


Half of what we did in Derry was eat and it was all delicious. Our first stop was Soda & Scratch. This restaurant was suggested by Wilderness Ireland and honestly, it was probably one of my favorite meals. I tried the BBQ Chicken Tikka Salad and Keltin got the Lisdergan Butchers 6oz Marrow Aged Beef Burger. We visited on a wet and chilly day and the tea I had before the meal was the perfect thing to warm me up!

From our table at Soda & Starch we could see the desserts of Funky Cakes and I decided early on that we needed sweets after lunch. This was a wonderful decision. The shop smelled like sugar and chocolate. 10 out of 10 recommend stopping in for a treat.

Keltin and his fudge
This cookie was delicious and I snacked on it over a couple of days.

We weren’t in Derry long but the food was worth a visit. What are your favorite types of restaurants to visit when traveling? Do you follow your nose? Let me know in the comments! Leave no trace and safe travels!

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      1. In some of the restaurants that offered pizza, the topping choices were very different (apart from cheese). In one hotel, coffee wasn’t as appealing, but they had a chocolate drink that was better.

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  1. Sounds lovely! I usually love to browse the windows and menus before I pick a restaurant. I get so excited about eating and can never choose lol. 🤣


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