Book Review: Over the Woodward Wall

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Title: Over the Woodward Wall
Author: A. Deborah Baker
Publication Date: 2020
Publishing House:

I don’t get to the library as often as I would like but having a library card means that I can use the app associated with my local library. I think I found this book in the Trending Audiobook section. Honestly, I selected this book based off of its cover but I was happy with my choice.

Goodreads Synopsis:

If you trust her you’ll never make it home…

Avery is an exceptional child. Everything he does is precise, from the way he washes his face in the morning, to the way he completes his homework – without complaint, without fuss, without prompt.

Zib is also an exceptional child, because all children are, in their own way. But where everything Avery does and is can be measured, nothing Zib does can possibly be predicted, except for the fact that she can always be relied upon to be unpredictable.

They live on the same street.
They live in different worlds.

On an unplanned detour from home to school one morning, Avery and Zib find themselves climbing over a stone wall into the Up and Under – an impossible land filled with mystery, adventure and the strangest creatures.

And they must find themselves and each other if they are to also find their way out and back to their own lives. 

After some very brief research, apparently this is a book within a book. Over the Woodward Wall is a story in the book Middlegame by Seanan McGuire. I have not read Middlegame so I am going to review this book as a stand alone story. As it is, this story gives me some serious Alice in Wonderland vibes.

“It’s fine not knowing things. Not knowing things means you have room to learn, and learning’s about the most important thing there is.”

-Over the Woodward Wall

I found this to be a good story about understanding the difference in people not as things to be distrustful off but as things to appreciate. Avery and Zib are as different as it is possible for two children to be. It takes time and some disagreements but they do become friends.

This world is fantastic and improbable. Giant colorful owls that speak, walls that vanish, roads that find those that need it. This is a world of magic but not in the way of spells. Instead the magic is infused into every leaf and feather. This is a world of transformation where a murder of crows can become a girl and bees become a bear.

I would suggest this book for children looking for a new world to dive into. There are two books in the series currently out and at least one more being published. I’m not sure how many there will be total. Have you ever read this book? If so, let me know in the comments. Happy reading!

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