Northern Ireland: Bushmills Restaurant


Since we were staying at The Bushmills Inn they reached out directly to us to see if we wanted dinner reservations in the restaurant as they give guests the first priority. One thing we learned fairly quickly in Ireland is that they do things at a slower pace – including dinning. They don’t try and flip the tables immediately but rather allow their guests to do things in their own time. As people accustomed to rushing around and trying to do everything, including eating, in a quick manner, this slow way of doing things took a bit of time to get used to but we loved it and miss it.

While dinning at Bushmills we went with there suggestions for what to order for dinner. They are known for their aged steaks and the peppercorn cream sauce was delicious. Keltin got the fillets of sea bass. We loved the potatoes but were definitely a bit tired of them by the end of the trip.

Main course
Seasonal dessert

The dessert special was lemon tart with raspberry sherbet and a strawberry macaroon. I could have eaten more of it – it was perfect for spring, perfectly tart and sweet.

Irish Coffee with Bushmills Whiskey

If you are on the north coast of Northern Ireland and want a good place to eat make sure to check out the restaurant at The Bushmills Inn. Remember to leave no trace and safe travels!

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