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I’m not sure when I visited my first Ren. Fest but I was probably in elementary school. In high school and college I would visit Scarborough or the Texas Ren. Fest, near Houston, at least once a year. With Covid though I hadn’t been back to either in a couple of years. This year Keltin and I decided to take his parents on their first visit to Scarborough Renaissance Festival. There was a lot to take in but they enjoyed it.

Scarborough runs from April to May on the weekends and Memorial Day Monday every year. At the gate tickets are $37 for adults, online they are $31 but I believe discount tickets can also be purchased at some grocery stores if you don’t want to but them online.

Dressing up is not required to enjoy the festival but I think it makes it more fun. You can rent some costumes near the front gate if you want to try out the dress-up part and don’t feel comfortable spending money on a costume. I have a basic costume that I purchased several years ago that I have added to on various faire visits, including this one. There are a variety of different vendors that sell a variety of costumes and they are all happy to help dress you up in as much or little as you want to wear. You can get everything from wigs to corsets, to belly dancers to full court dress or kilts and leather.

The festival has a variety of different forms of entertaimnent and things range from child friendly to very much adult only. I’ve heard a comedian give parents a hard time at a raunchy poetry reading because their child was present. There are acrobat shows, a joust, fire, trick performing cats, musicians, comedians, birds of prey. You can also do wine and beer tastings and a few rides. All of the entertainers love interacting with the crowed, there is no forth wall. I recommend bringing some cash to tip if you watch the shows.

When my sisters visit the ren. fest. they spend a lot of time eating. Get a turkey leg, eat something on a stick, and most of all stay hydrated – it gets hot. Faire food can get pricy but keep your eyes open as there are some more reasonably priced options, they fry bread is good as is the bakery.

Scarborough is always a good time, go wander through the shop, what a glassblowing demonstration, and enjoy yourself. Have you ever been to a renaissance festival? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments! Have a great day and remember to leave no trace.

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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  1. Interesting! Based from some cosplayers I’m following on IG, renaissance fairs are just some of the few non-convention instances where they suit up. Some often modify their costumes based on the time period.

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