Rocky Mountains: Independence Pass


We waved good-bye to Aspen and headed back southeast towards Salida. To get there we had to head over Independence Pass. The pass is as 12,095 feet in altitude. Independence pass has a safety rule of no vehicles over 35 feet in length. After having driven this pass, I understand. There are places where the road is down to one lane due to how narrow the pass is in places. At these points, there are stop lights regulating the flow of traffic in each direction.

The view from the top of the pass is beautiful and it worth the drive. Please be careful when enjoying this beautiful landscape as it is as delicate ecosystem. Make sure to stay on the trails. Independence Pass is part of the CDT and we did see a couple of thru-hikers on the the trails.

If you feel comfortable driving on narrow roads I do recommend taking this one as the views are worth it. Be prepared for wind and cooler weather at the top of the pass. Have you ever driven Independence Pass? If so, what did you think? I’ll talk to you in the comments! Remember to leave no trace and safe travels.

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  1. Beautiful photos! Lost my brakes many years ago on Slumgullion Pass outside of Lake City. Terrifying! Please keep doing your Rocky Mountain tour. Close to my heart for sure, and you are doing it right!

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