Author Interview with Jill Sheeley


While in Aspen I found a wonderful book titled Those Were the Days: Memories of an Aspen Hippie Chick. On a whim I reached out to the author, Jill Sheeley, and she was more than happy to do an author interview. I absolutely loved doing this interview, Jill was a delight to talk to. Her book relives moments of the 1970’s but her whole like has been a fantastic adventure.

Jill’s newest children’s book will be out released December 2021. Check out her website for updates!

Find Her Book:

I know this interview is long but I hope you enjoyed it. If you listened to it all thank you, if you listened to just a little bit thank you too. Let me know if you find a copy of this book and what you think. I will be posting my book review next week. Happy reading!

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  1. Laci, what a great find! Jill has fabulous books, so nice to hear her background, stories that she has written and about life in Aspen. Sounds like she is self-publishing her books. Wonder how she does that. Thanks for sharing.

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