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I love a good cup of coffee on a cool morning while camping or a warm cup of herbal tea in the evenings around the campfire. Most of the time we heat up our percolator over the fire but if you have been camping you know that it can take a while to get the campfire going and hot enough to make coffee. For our Colorado road trip I did not want to have to worry about having a fire-pit or buying firewood. Keltin and I wanted an easy way to cook while camping. For this trip and for many others in the future we purchased a PocketRocket Stove Kit.

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View our use of the PocketRocket stove.

We primarily used this camp stove at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. We made dinner while watching the sunset, I heated water for tea to enjoy while stargazing, and for breakfast we used it for coffee and oatmeal. This stove runs off of Isobutane-propane fuel or IsoPro. We bought the larger canisters because we were car camping and the weight really didn’t matter. The one we used still has plenty of fuel. However, if you are looking at using them for backpacking they do make smaller canisters.

The Set Includes:

  • PocketRocket stove
  • 2-liter hard-anodized pot with integrated pot handle
  • strainer pot lid
  • 2 deep bowls
  • 2 insulated mugs
  • 2 folding sporks

If you already have camping cooking cups and bowls that you prefer to use the stove is sold on it’s own. We opted for the full set because even though weight wasn’t a factor for this trip, it might be in the future and we wanted to be prepared. The stove was easy to setup and use. It was a little difficult to light when we were working on dinner but that was more due to the wind blowing out our match than anything else. Once the stove was lit, it stayed lit. This set has measurement units in the pot and in the mugs for easy measuring without having to worry. We cleaned these immediately after use and had no issues. Everything packs easily together. The only thing I consistently had issues with is that I felt like I was going to break the sporks when I was folding them. The whole set weighs 25.8 ounces while the stove itself is only 3 oz.

This is a great little stove kit for camping out in the wild. I am excited to use it on our next camping trip for that first cup of coffee enjoyed while watching the sunrise. There are a few options for backwoods cooking, especially depending on if you are worries about weight in a pack. What is your preferred method for cooking while camping? Let me know in the comments. Leave no trace and safe travels!

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