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While stretching our legs in Westcliff and letting the dogs use the restroom we wondered over to the visitor center, it was closed when we were there but in the window was a sign for a local lavender farm, Colorado Mountain Lavender. A quick internet search told me it was still open for the season and it was added to my list of must visit places.

We were unable to visit the actual farm until later in our trip but we were fortunate enough to run into the owners at the local farmer’s market in Salida. They are wonderful people and gave me a couple of tips on the type of lavender that would be best to grow in where I live. They had some of their products available at the market but I had to try the blackberry-lavender ice cream that is sold at the farm. Also, if you are like me and are from a humid environment and visit a less humid one, check out their whipped pearl butter, it saved my hands.

We arrived at the farm right as it opened and the owners were nice enough to let us take pictures in their lavender fields that had not yet been harvested. There is nothing better than the smell of fresh lavender and the hummmm of bees at work among the flowers.

The owners also run a bed and breakfast on the property and were happy to talk about the weddings that have taken place and those that are planned to take place in the lavender fields. They do have a large farm but have maps in the farm shop to help navigate by that also provides a brief history of each field.

If you enjoy lavender and supporting local I highly suggest stopping by this lavender farm or if you are in Salida, CO on a Saturday make sure to stop by their table at the farmers market. Do you enjoy visiting lavender farms or other types such as pick your own fruit? Let me know in the comments. Leave no trace and safe travels!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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  1. Lavender is a fantastic aromatic herb that has amazing healing qualities for skin. As I’m practically a native to Colorado’s arid climate, I use it all the time to soothe my extremely dry skin. Lavender essential oil is a fantastic remedy for healing ear infections with the dogs and is the best remedy for burns and bouts of itching. I notice the Farm will be closing tomorrow so I’ll put this on my to-do list for next year! As a kid, I spent a lot of time fishing at Cotopaxi with my dad, now I can go for the lavender! Thanks for sharing this cool place.

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    1. You’re welcome! I didn’t know that lavender could do all of that but I’m excited to explore using it more. I love cooking with lavender, it adds such a unique flavor when used properly.

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