Mount Rainier: Paradise


Paradise. The word brings to mind various magical landscapes for each of us. On this visit to Mount Rainier, Paradise meant snow. The Paradise Area of Mount Rainier National Park was mostly closed during our visit. We were able to drive to the visitor center and upper parking area but not the rest of the loop – parts of it were still under snow. We visited too early in the year to see the wild flowers that this part of the park is known for but there was still a majesty to the area.

We didn’t stay in this area too long. We didn’t have the right gear to snow shoe and there were too many people. The visitor center was also mostly closed except for the restrooms and there was a park ranger available to answer questions.

Being from Texas, seeing snow in June really surprised me. I absolutely loved it and just enjoyed marveling at the crispy snow both outside and from the warmth of the car. I like the cold but I don’t like being cold.

This picture was taken just off the parking lot. The snow was really packed and slick from having been walked. This is as far up as we went and we slipped the whole way.

All of Mount Rainier National Park is beautiful, no matter the season. I do want to visit again to hike the trails that I missed in this area. What do you think of Paradise? Let me know in the comments. Safe travels.

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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