Ashford and Elbe Restaurants


I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of restaurants that were available in the area outside of Mount Rainier National Park. These are the ones we visited in the order we visited them. When you visit be aware that the prices do reflect the cost of getting ingredients to the semi-remote area.

Ashford – Copper Creek Inn

I was exhausted by the time we got here for dinner. We had hiked over 10 miles, the altitude isn’t too high but its more than I’m accustomed to in Dallas. The food was good and they had some great local beer options. The best thing about Copper Creek Inn was the blackberry pie. I got a slice to go and warmed it up for breakfast the next morning – heavenly. It was sweet and tart and the pie crust was flakey. The restaurant is small but the patio is great on cool evenings.

Elbe – Pizza Express

After a long day in Portland it was getting near closing times for these small towns and Keltin and I were starving. We remember seeing this place in Elbe on our way to our cabin the first day and decided to check it out. Pizza Express is one of two restaurants in train cars in Elbe. There is also a hotel next door that is train cars – the Hobo Inn. The pizza was delicious and hot. It made a tasty end to a wonderful day.

Ashford – Paradise Village

I did not expect a Ukrainian restaurant in a remote mountain town. We were reading through the guest book in our cabin and noticed that there were multiple mentions of the perogies served at Paradise Village. We stopped by on a wet evening after two days of rain. The café is small and it was fairly busy when we visited but the food is excellent. I really loved the fresh dill on the perogies, it was a flavor I wasn’t expecting. When I commented on the lady working (who I think is the owner) said that it was something her family had done to make things just a bit different.

Ashford – Wild Berry Restaurant

This is probably my favorite of all the restaurants that we sampled in Ashford. Wild Berry Restaurant is run by people from Nepal, some of whom were Sherpas on Everest expeditions. One of the men even held a world record time for summiting Everest. While there we tried all the Himalayan dished. For an appetizer we sampled the Vegetable Samosa and for the main course we each tried a different type of thali. I had mushroom and Keltin had the chicken. It’s a lot of food but so good.

We had a great time trying all of the wonderful restaurants in and around Ashford and I am so glad that we got the opportunity to sample food from different parts of the world. Let me know if you have tried any of these types of food! See you in the comments and safe travels!

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