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I had been planning this hike for for weeks for my birthday and then their was rain in the forecast. When we did get to the trailhead, after driving through showers, and when I went to get my pack I found that my hydration pack had sprung a leak and there was now two liters of water in the back of my car, most everything was soaked. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. However, Keltin’s hydration bladder was still full and we had an extra water bottle that was full. The day was rather cool, if humid. so we decided to go ahead and hit the trail.

We could have hiked up to 13 miles on the Lone Star Hiking Trail but decided that was more than we wanted to do on our relaxing weekend. We turned back towards the parking lot on the Little Lake Creek Trail, all told hiking about 7 miles. This loop is fairly long but its an easy, mostly flat trail with little to no elevation gain. This trail is in the Sam Houston National Forest.

I believe they had recently done a control burn as there were several smoking piles.

There are a decent amount of parking spots at the trailhead in general but this is a popular trail and the lot was fairly full when we arrived mid-morning. Despite that we were able to get a parking spot. There is another lot close that is on the trail loop if the first lot is full. Dogs are allowed on leash on the trail and we saw a few – next time we are bringing Bear for sure.

This trail is beautiful. I will admit that with the weather and the leak in my hydro-pack I was a bit grumpy the first third of the hike but after some food and making some new friends on the trail I cheered up considerably. Food does wonders.

I highly suggest this trail, it is green and shaded and wonderful. Happy hiking!

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