DFW Restaurant Review: Windmills

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I don’t typically review local restaurants but I feel like this one deserves it and with less travel its good to explore our own backyards. I have visited twice within the last month and the food has been incredible both times. If you are visiting North Texas I highly recommend checking out Windmills. Its an odd name for an even odder dining experience: Indian-Tex-Mex fusion. That combo may have you scratching your head but somehow – this restaurant managed to do it and do it well. I have never eaten much Indian food, mostly because I don’t know where to start. This restaurant prides itself on being flavor forward. Their dishes pack a pretty decent amount of heat with out sacrificing flavor.

They also brew all their own beer. If you are a beer fan, it is worth getting a flight. Their port, stout, and Blackberry Tart were my favorites for sure. I will admit that I ordered the same appetizer both times I was there because it is delicious: fried cheese curds with this delicious mint-yogurt dipping sauce. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

The first visit I ordered as my entre the Orange Zest Chicken Kabab. So spicy and so good with this mint-cilantro dipping sauce that dulled a bit of the heat while enhancing the flavor profile. The second time I tried the Vegetable Kofta, it’s a carrot and potato dumpling of sorts in tomato-butter sauce with cream. It was very different but excellent. Both my dad and my husband rave about how tasty the half chicken is. They do have hamburgers and chicken-fried steak on the menu but they have been taken to the next level.

The second time we did not get dessert but the first visit was my sister’s birthday and we tried everything – well about half. The birthday girl thoroughly enjoyed the Salted Caramel Pie, the Texas Mousse Cake is rich but its the raspberry sorbet that comes with it that was my favorite. We also sampled the Sour Cherry Kulfi. I’m not really sure how to describe it so here is the menu description: Pistachio and saffron kulfi ice cream glazed with a ruby chocolate coating, served over chick pea noodles, saffron cream, sour cherry compote, and sweet basil seeds. The presentation and flavor are great, the texture takes some getting used to.

The atmosphere and décor reminds me of a library, lots of browns and subtle lights and books. It’s a warm inviting atmosphere. They do have live musicians. During one of our visits there was a group performing: one man on the bongos, one on the drums, and harpist that was really into the music. They have both indoor and outdoor seating. Windmills is a popular restaurant in a popular area and I do highly suggest reservations. If you are looking for a new adventure for your taste buds, try this restaurant and I hope you are as pleasantly surprised as we were on our first visit.

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