Olympic Peninsula: Introduction


For our Honeymoon Keltin and I visited the Olympic Peninsula and spent most of our time in Olympic National Park. This trip was a whirl wind and we saw everything from mountains and rainforests to the Pacific Ocean.

Lake Crescent

On this trip we didn’t visit many restaurants and no breweries or wineries. What we did was immerse ourselves in nature. We would sit on the floor of our cabin with a map and our phones. We would search out possible destinations on the map and then look them up to see what was open and what the Covid rules were.

Sol Duc Falls

All of the reservations are closed to visitors at this time. We will have to visit again in the future to visit La Push, Cape Flattery, and Neah Bay. Despite these closures and the Deer Park road already being closed for the season we still had a ton of trails open to us. Olympic National Park is massive and perfect for a social distancing honeymoon. I hope you enjoy taking this adventure with me.

Puget Sound

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