Gear Review: Half Dome 4+ Tent

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Keltin and I actually got this tent for Christmas last year. We used it once in February and thought we were going to freeze. That is not the tents fault – we needed better sleeping bags. With the lack of sleep I was feeling unforgiving and didn’t review the tent on our first use. I figured we would be camping again soon. You all know how this year turned out and we didn’t use our tent again until this fall. Now for the review of the REI Co-op Half Dome 4+.


  • This tent is easy to set up, we set it up in the dark on our last trip with little issue after not having used it for months.
  • In the Half Dome 4+ you can fit two twin air mattresses and there is room for some gear and the dog to sleep in-between.
  • There are two doors so that you and your tent-mates don’t have to climb over each other too much.
  • With the rain-fly on the tent there are two vestibules.
  • There are plenty of pockets up above to store small things including pockets so that the doors can be left open and tucked away.
  • The rain-fly has little openings on top that act as vents.
  • The Half-Dome series are 3-season tents.
Bear and beds with gear for scale.


  • Price point. These tents are $200+.
  • The tent footprint is sold separately.
Bear was unsure about being my model.

Is this tent probably more than two people and one dog need? Probably but we like it and for car camping it is perfect. We sleep in comfort and actually have room to sit up in the tent. Bear has plenty of room and can cuddle with either or both of us. What type of camping do you prefer? Do you tent camp? Have a good fall!

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