Central Kansas: Carriage Crossing


If you want to know what sparked this most recent trip to Kansas it was the lure of the cinnamon rolls served at Carriage Crossing in Yoder, Kansas. As much of a myth a face sized cinnamon rolls may seem, these aren’t. What they are is delicious. I didn’t even order my own, I snagged a couple bites of Keltin because I walked in and saw the pie. The best thing about being an adult is deciding that the best thing for breakfast is chocolate-peanut butter pie with coffee. It was an excellent decision.

This restaurant is run by Amish or Mennonites and oh my gosh, everything they make is delicious. When you order a cinnamon roll they ask if you want melted butter on it in addition to the icing that is already on it: say yes.

The size of these delicious cinnamon rolls is just right and yes, you can buy some to go also. The restaurant does serve normal breakfasts if all the sugar is not the way you prefer to start the day.

I’m still salivating over this pie.

If you ever find yourself going through Yoder, make sure to stop in at Carriage Crossing. Your waistline may not like it but your taste buds will love it. Safe travels!

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  1. Oh my gosh – that cinnamon roll and that peanut butter pie look delicious. I’d probably pick the pic and hope to steal a bite of the roll 😉 Thanks for sharing these pics – sounds like a fun trip!

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  2. Haven’t been there in ages. I love how they hire students to do a lot and close early enough not to affect the students studying. That’s true even during the State Fair that’s normally held in September when they could make a lot of money by staying open later to accommodate those who live east of Yoder. They have a gift shop the last time I was there, plus it’s worth shopping in Yoder if you have the extra time as under normal situations, the downtown has some great shops to look around.

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