Hiking Dinosaur Valley State Park


This is the year for social distancing birthdays and Keltin’s is in August. For his special day he wanted a nice hike and decided on Dinosaur Valley State Park. I personally love Dinosaur Valley because I camped their often as a kid with my grandparents but had never hiked. This state park is worth hiking.

Dinosaur models from the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair

If you want to go to the park anytime soon, make sure to buy your tickets before hand online. Tickets are $7 for adults. Dogs are allowed but must stay on leash. Make sure to bring your swim suits to swim in the Paluxy River.

There are multiple places to see dinosaur tracks but these are some of the best as they are out of the water most of the year and are at a shallow point in the river.

The Paluxy River
The birthday boy.
Overlook point

These trails are really rocky and if you do use trekking poles I would recommend using gravel tips as the trail is really rocky. Also, some of the trails are maintained by DOBRA and are open to bikers. There are a number of false trails in some of the less hiked areas, make sure to stay on the path to preserve the park.

We loved this little cactus inside a rock.

Dinosaur Valley is a beautiful state park with fantastic hiking with a bit of ancient history mixed in.

Happy hiking and safe travels!

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  1. This looks like a fun place to hike. The dinosaurs caught my eye. I was pleased when I saw that they are models from the New York 1964-65 World’s Fair because I was there (in a stroller though). I wonder if we saw them and what we thought…

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  2. Sounds like a great place to visit but what an incredible name – Dinosaur Valley! Who could resist visiting somewhere that is called that? Great photos and glad the birthday boy had such a great day out.

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