A Beary Merry Christmas


I managed to get a few cute pictures of Bear and Keltin among the chaos that is Main Street Grapevine at Christmas time and a couple funny stories!

There was a rust bucket of a truck stopped at a long red playing loud music on the worst bass set up I have ever heard and it was distracting Bear while I was taking this picture.

These were my favorite lights! A beautiful blue-white and both Keltin and Bear were nice enough to pose for a picture.

This is my favorite picture and I’m pretty sure Bear is making that face because of how hard Keltin and I were laughing at his antics. Originally I tapped the table top, expecting Bear to put his front paws up there. Instead, the fur ball is too excited and jumps on top of the table top and be fore I can pull him off he has jumped down on to the sidewalk on the other side, managing to scare the daylights out of the people walking past. I probably should have been mad but there was no harm done and he DID follow my instructions, just with a bit more enthusiasm than I intended. Not wanting a repeat I held onto him for the picture.

What goofy things do your pets do? Merry Christmas!


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