Belize: Half Moon Caye and the Aquarium


Our final two dives in Belize were fantastic. We dove the cliffs of two atolls. It is odd going up over the edge of coral and one moment you are swimming in turquoise water and directly on the other side is dark deep blue with no points of reference. I loved it and would do it again in a heart beat.

Stepping off into the deep blue sea.

These dives were 60 then 50 feet and just beautiful. Full of wildlife and color. At the caye there was a grouper that swam with us all along the coral. When we moved over the sand to look at eels he left the group.

This shark swam right between Brooke and Emily – they were grumpy that I didn’t get a picture.
Not sure what species these actually are but I refer to them a highlighter fish because it looks like someone colored on them with a highlighter.
This is probably my favorite picture. I too lots of shots trying to get this and finally nature worked with me.

SCUBA diving is incredible, it allows you to explore a whole world that is so alien from ours and gives us the chance to view wildlife that we typically would never see. I don’t know where my next dive will be but I can’t wait for it. Safe travels!


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