Paperback Perils: Recursion


Title: Recursion
Author: Blake Crouch
Publication Date: 2019
Publishing House: Penguin Random House

Recursion was my June 2019 Book of the Month selection. I didn’t get around to reading it until just before leaving for Belize… and finished it on the flight there. This is a quick read that pulls you in almost immediately.

This book is about memory, the importance of preserving those memories that are most dear. Memories make the person and with them people discover that they are able to change the past.

Berry stumbles into the world of memory as he investigates False Memory Syndrome, where the “victims…[are driven] mad with memories of a life they never lived. He must work with Helena, a neuroscientist, to stop reality from crumbling around them.

The author, Crouch, gives us our world with science that appears to be almost magic and it is rather terrifying. Memory is reality but beyond that this book is about bravery and resolve. The characters take responsibility for their actions and work for lifetimes to correct.

I recommend this book for fans of science fiction, for fans of suspense and thrillers. This is a fairly quick read that pulls you in from the beginning to the last page.


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