Meridian State Park: Gear Review


After our first tent camping trip, you can read about it here, I thought it might be fun to review the new gear we purchased and somethings we had that made the trip easier. First all of these opinions are my own, nothing is sponsored.

Some of the gear we used was older stuff that we borrowed from my dad. Our tent is one of these, its a bit small for two people and a dog but it worked; a bigger tent is on the list though. Now on to new gear.

We slept on TNH Self Inflating Sleeping Pad. These are nice, fairly lightweight and they roll up small. They do keep you elevated off the ground and thus fairly warm. I’ve laid around on them in the yard and at the lake and they are comfortable enough. We were car camping and not backpacking so in the future we might invest in something heavier and a bit thicker for general comforts sake. Its not really comfortable to sleep on your side on these either. All in all a good product but depending on the type of camping you are doing it my not be the best.

We tested out the tent in the yard and made sure the sleeping pad fit.

Keltin and I went to our first REI sale a couple of weeks ago and wound up with some pretty decent gear at a good price. We also bought a couple of full price things because well they were needed and we were already there. Anyway I picked up a green Nite Ize Nitehowl LED Safety Necklace for Bear. I had to put new batteries in it but the collar worked great. It is bright and I was able to cut it down to fit Bear properly. Also, he doesn’t seem to mind wearing it.

Bear was really good, he only barked at the raccoon that wandered near camp.

One of the things that we bought new was a Katadyn Gravity BeFree Water Filtration System. This is a gravity water filtration system with a filter we can clean. The one we picked holds 3 liters and comes with carry bags for easy storage and a strap so that it can be hung up for easy use.

Our REI haul, sales there are dangerous. Also, that thermos kept coffee hot for 12 hours. We had an unintentional experiment.

What do you think of our gear choices? What type of gear do you use when tent camping? I hope this was helpful! Safe travels.

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