Weekend Wanderings: Phantom of the Opera


I love musicals and the 2018-2019 Dallas Summer Musical season is scheduled for some fantastic titles. The first of which is Phantom of the Opera. I love Phantom, and have for years; the story, the music is all enchanting. Keltin would have gone to see it with me had I asked him to but I have a childhood friend that LOVES Phantom and 100 times more than I do. Thus the performance was a girls night.

We absolutely loved the performance. The actors nailed their roles. The actor portraying the Phantom was fantastic and the tallest freaking guy on stage. He played the madness of the Phantom really well and at times when the Phantom feels that he is betrayed you can hear the pain in his song. Absolutely beautiful.

One of my favorite parts was the dropping of the chandelier. The prop piece was on a pulley above the audience and when it is brought down by the Phantom the chandelier drops and the lights go out and when there are bright sparks and pops as if it had hit the ground. I jumped a bit.

This performance made me jump at times and gasp and laugh at others. It was a well done show that I would see again given the chance. If you like musicals and operas I would suggest going to see this performance at the Music Hall at Fair Park. Have a great Saturday!

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      1. It is hard to put my love for musicals into words alone. My blog goes more into detail about my love for them.

        I saw Phantom in 2014 at the Peace Center in Greenville- spellbound from start to finish and was choked up watching it

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  1. Great article!

    I am such a Theater Dork and totally loved this! I’ve seen Phantom of the Opera three times on Broadway. I haven’t seen it in a few years, but it’s such a excellent and wonderful show. The music is so amazing in that show. Glad you had a good time at the show!

    Happy New Year!

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