Happy Birthday Bear!


Bear is three years old today. I think. He was rescued at 12 weeks from Plano Animal Service. So based on his approximate age at the time I count today as his birthday.

He is a yellow lab-mix, I’m not sure what he is mixed with. Bear loves to just idly swim, no ball chasing required. But if there is a ball involved then fetching it is the sole object of his attention. He also loves toy, especially if they have a squeaker. img_2039

If you are looking at getting at dog I would highly suggest adopting one. There a hundreds of dogs out there of all ages waiting for a forever home. If you like a particular breed I would suggest looking for rescues that specializes in that breed. But there are plenty of dogs in shelters, both kill and non-kill that need love. Often times you are saving a rescue dogs life.

One of my favorite Instagram accounts is a guy that rescues senior dogs. Many of them have health problems but they are well cared for and are happily living along side a pig, chickens, and a rabbit. Senior dogs aren’t for everyone but these guys sure do look happy.

Now, time to go spoil my pup some more. If you have questions about why it is worth it to adopt a dog, start with this link. Have a great Sunday!img_2087

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