Paperback Perils: Moving Books


So as I have said in previous posts recently I moved and I spent a large amount of time on Sunday unpacking my books. I had at least eight large boxes full of them. And was out of bookshelf space rather quickly.

As I was working on the chaos my boyfriend suggested getting rid of some of them. I didn’t like the idea. It is still not my favorite idea however, there are books that I own that I’m not really a fan of. There are books that I started reading, set down and never picked back up. So I’m *considering* purging my book collection.

How many words do you think we just brought into this house?” – Keltin

My question here is what do you do with your books? My boyfriend buys a few but mainly gets his books from the library. I know some people that buy a book, read it once and pass it on. And there are people like me that create their own personal libraries. So fellow book lovers what is your process after you have enjoyed the story in a book?

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  1. I actually have an addiction to books, most of mine are in boxes in a storage unit so I do need to get rid of them.
    I got rid of my house years ago because I want to down sizing as much as possible, I plan to travel my country in an RV and work from the road.
    Getting rid of my books is one of the things I am having trouble with.
    At some point I will have to donate them or something.
    Nice post and have a super wonderful day.

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