Nevis: Outside Bar: June 2011

Tall tales heard from expats while drinking a beer.

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Happy Saturday everyone. We have made it through another work week with our sanity mostly intact. I hoped you slept well and are ready for another taste of the tropics. This time though we are going to sit at the bar and enjoy a beer.

Last post you had (what I hope) is the pleasure of reading my dive stories from Nevis. What I forgot to mention is that dives start fairly early in the morning and with two tank dives you tend to end up back on shore around noon. Post dive we were always parched and hungry. Once our gear was put away we tended to end up at the outside bar at the resort we were staying. That is where I learned that I like Carib, a lager beer brewed and bottled in the Caribbean. There is nothing better after a dive than a cold beer.

A couple of the afternoons that we sat at an outdoor bar and a couple of evenings there were the two old expats sitting there drinking also. These old men had the wildest stories and both had lived on the island for several years. I only remember how one ended up in Nevis. He said that he had decided to sail a whole lot farther than he had gotten, but, something happened with his boat and he just ended up staying in Nevis.

One of the men had survived through two hurricanes. One of the hurricanes he said that he was in a boat with two outboard motors. Apparently one of the motors went out and he was only able to drive around in circles. The other man told us a story about he and a friend freeing this hammerhead shark from a net and while it was recovering they had the brilliant idea to lasso the great fish. The hammerhead pulled them all over and was longer than the boat.

The child in me believes these stories: the adventure, crazy and daring. The adult in me is a little more skeptical. I believe there is a grain of truth but if the stories that I grew up with are any indication most wild stories grow taller in the telling. Tall tales or not I would love to sit at that bar again, drinking a cold Carib, and listen to two old men reminisce and share their stories. Life is our stories: making memories and sharing them in action or in tale with others.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and its wild tales. Next post will be on Wednesday. Also, Alaska stories are coming. I have a lot of writing to do but the plan is to post them starting next Saturday.

Photo by Gayle Youngblood

Photo by Gayle Youngblood

**Feature photo by Gayle Youngblood