Paperback Perils: The Wise Man’s Fear

Title: The Wise Man’s Fear Author: Patrick Rothfuss Publication Date: 2011 Publishing House: Daw Books, INC. It has been a while since I posted about this series but I have finished book two of the Kingkiller Chronicle. And now I wait impatiently for Rothfuss to release the final book in the series. The fact that... Continue Reading →


Poetry: Urban Melody

Out we went riding, bikes bumping, thumping as wheels turned over on uneven sidewalks. Soon I heard high notes, at first I believed the sound came from the bikes chaines, but soon learned of the true origins. The notes are the squeal of breaks on the tracks. Each break producing its own unique note. Beneath... Continue Reading →

Poetry: Rediscovery

I wrote this poem last summer. I do not remember the context but I felt that it was a good follow up to last weeks fiction post. Childhood is a time of magic and possibilities. Adults know all and there is an adventure waiting just around the corner. Days full of wonder and delight.  ... Continue Reading →

Paperback Perils: A Princess of Mars

Title: A Princess of Mars Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs Publication Date: 2011 Publishing House: Fall River Press Despite the publication date above this is not a new book, this is just a more recent publication of an old one and the original publication date wasn’t listed. A Princess of Mars is book one of the... Continue Reading →

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